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Veloce's new store accounts

We will be replacing our existing website imminently, and with our new website comes a new, more secure way of shopping online.

Our new store has moved to a more modern, more user-friendly, and even more secure method -- a Magic Link. With a Magic Link, you only need to remember the email address you use to shop at Veloce -- no more tricky passwords!

The benefits of Magic Links

  • There's no need to remember a tricky password: you need only remember the email address you used to create your account
  • Your store account is created automatically when making your first order
  • It's more secure than using a username and password: the Magic Link is sent to your email address only, so only you can see and use it
  • Each link can be used only once, so there's no risk of someone else gaining access
  • You can request a Magic Link as many times as you need!

What can I do in my new account?

As with your existing account, your new store account allows you to change your personal details (the email and name associated with your account), track the status of current orders, and view orders you make on the new website. You can also keep a list of favourites, so you can come back and get that book you've been waiting for.

Once the new site is live, your old account, along with any information it contains, will be deleted securely (by the end of January 2020). This means that all previous orders, made under our old account system, will no longer be retained: if you wish to keep this information, please make a copy now before the end of January 2020.

How do I get a new account?

You don't have to do anything now, but there are two ways to create a new Veloce account.

You can make an order, and your account will automatically be created when you checkout, using the email address you supply.

You can enter your email address, before you order, and any orders made with this email address will be recorded to your account.

How do I log in to my account?

You can sign in to your account wherever you see a text link, or wherever you see a Sign in icon:

new store sign in link

You will be asked for your email address ...

new account request

You will be asked for your email address ...

... and we will immediately send you an email with your unique Magic Link:

new store sign in link

You can use this link to access your account at anytime within 14 days of receiving it. If after 14 days you haven't logged in, the link will expire: simply repeat the process to request a new Magic Link.


If you have any questions about our new website or shop accounts, please email us at or call us on 01305 260068.


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